Rama Studio is a graphic design studio creating living visual solutions across media and scale.

Identity, signage, book design and digital.



A visual crescendo.


Identity / wayfinding

Supergraphic wayfinding signage and landmark neon sign for new creative hub.

Hangar 3

Identity / environmental graphics

An airborne decoration for transformed military hangar.

Parking house Lüders frieze

Environmental graphics

686 m² of facade decoration tells the fascinating story of The North Harbour of Copenhagen.

Kofoeds Skole


Putting people at the center.


Identity and website.

Experiment. Reduce. Refine.


Book design

Big rough letters in a grid, creates a simpel and powerful design for research book on transformation of abandoned shopping malls. 

Our Urban Living Room book

Book design.

A blue brick about Cobe architects' extensive work in Copenhagen.



Letters gathering in a circle, creating a strong logo to battle loneliness. 

Brønshøj School


Playful decorations for school furniture, designed in a modular grid.

Parking house Lüders

Logo and signage.

Excercise at 24 meters above ground.



Bold typography and distinct colors unifies the visual communication of 4 different libraries.

The Silo

Graphic design.

A graphic interpretation of a unique building creates iconic visuals for a series of promotion materials.

Brønshøj School

Decoration and signage.

Decoration and signage creates an inspiring visual layer for a public school.


Book design.

How to be an urban gardener.

Our Urban Living Room Exhibition

Graphic design.

Graphic design for architectural exhibition about Cobe Architects.



A lightning bolt of energy from a cultural powerhouse. 


Identity decoration.

Bold logo and murals promoting teamspirit and youthful energy.


Signage design.

Signage and wayfinding design as a key identity element.

COBE Architects


Simpel and strong modular design line.


Book design.

Design of catalouge about a glowing orange artwork.

Ørestad Library

Signage design.

Sculptural wayfinding signs, readable from multiple angles.

Copenhagen Art Festival

Installation design.

Big red helium balloons as visual markers.

MEE Studio


Three letters creates three dimensions.

Gl. Strand

Signage decoration.

A gradient gateway to art. 

Zine Soup

Book design.

Raw and bold layout for book about zines and art books.

Can we design a new country?

Book design.

Distorted maps and kalaidoscope images designed to spark new architectural ideas.

Kilden & Brønden

Signage design.

Decorative wayshowing signs for two community centres.

jaja Architects


An positive logodesign that shows the energy of jaja Architects.

Husum School

Logo and signage.

Mathematical logotype.

Magion Library

Signage design.

Iluminated signpoles guides through a spacious library.

Øbro Jagtvej Library

Signage design.

Decorative wayfinding.